Driving Rehabilitation

This unique and bespoke driving rehabilitation programme is tailored made for each individual and has been truly life changing for previous clients. The service, which has proven to be a valuable resource to the medical and legal profession for personal injury cases, is conducted by two professionals working jointly with the client. Each professional has an expertise in their own field of psychotherapy and driver training.

We provide expert training and practical coaching integrated with psychological support for individuals who have developed a fear of driving or being driven as a result of a motor vehicle collision, as well as, for individuals who have developed a driving phobia or anxiety which is non-accident related.

With both professionals working jointly with the client, this dual approach of tackling the paralysing fear that people experience in such circumstances, allows the client to gain an understanding of their fear/phobia, work through the psychological effects of their experience and undertake a driving rehabilitation programme in a motor vehicle, in a live environment, with accompanied practical support. This, ultimately, enables the individual to be free of their driving fears as well as gaining enhanced driving skills, road awareness and driver knowledge.

This service consists of:

  • Initial consultation - psychological debrief - accident analysis - designing a personal programme of rehabilitation
  • Psychological support throughout
  • Specialist driver rehabilitation support and coaching

Conducted in four hourly sessions which can be provided from the individual's own home, if required.

Average time taken to completely overcome one's fears - three sessions - prices on application.